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*eBay Buyers Resources

*eBay Sellers Resources

Below you will find some outstanding resources for selling on eBay and for web site development. These are all services I HAVE PERSONALLY USED. I am not listing these here just to get an affiliate commission. Everyone one of these has helped contribute to my eBay success. Many are free, some require what I consider to be nominal fees for the value that they contain.

Buyers Resources:

If you are not already a registered eBay user, click here to do so now.


Many people use sniping software to help them win auction at the last second.
If you are still losing your auctions in the final seconds try PowerSnipe for free.


Sellers Resources

The Basics:

eBay's Turbo Lister:
If you sell many items a week, why not automate some of your work. They are many other such pieces of software out there, but this one is FREE. I suggest downloading and starting with this one. It helps you make professional looking listings, upload and edit items in bulk, build professional templates to brand your business.

Open an eBay Store:
If you don't already have one, I suggest signing up for an eBay Store. Once again you can "Brand" your name and Identity. You get your own web address, (ie You can set up custom categories, develop a mailing list and newsletter, run specials, get traffic reports and more. An essential for a budding eBay business.

eBay-About Me Page:
This is a GREAT freebie from eBay. You basically get your own personal web page to advertise yourself. Talk about the kinds of items you sell, showcase your feedback, and use as a portal to your own personal web site or business site. Create FREE traffic to your other web endeavors from here.


Advanced eBay Tools and Services:

buySAFE is a warranty guarantee site. If you meet their criteria, they will issue a warranty bond that will insure your buyer up to $25,000 in fraud protection. I use this on my auctions. It has been shown to significantly increase bids. Most buyers are afraid of being scammed. bufSAFE adds that feeling of security to your auctions or website.

Square Trade:
Square Trade is another Warranty service that tells your buyers you meet some of the highest standards in the market place. They also have a buyer/seller resolution program that can help erase a negative feedback. I use this service as well.

Photbucket is the site I use to store all my eBay photos and more. You can get a FREE 1 GB account or pay a low $25 a year for 5 GB of storage. That's a phenomenal amount of storage for the price.

AuctionTNT is an outstanding eBay tools and resource site. Memberships range from FREE to $20 a month. I currently use the GOLD membership. The use of the Feedback maker software is worth the price alone. You also get photo storage, ebook hosting, audio creation software and hosting capabilities, auction showcase (like a picture gallery for your auction pages), dropship and wholesale search engines, and an affiliate program. Great tools, an added plus for creating quality auction pages.

If you sell tickets on eBay then you absolutely need this service. Seatdata offers you photos to all pro and some college sporting arenas. Be it football, baseball, hockey or basketball, Seatdata has photos of the general layout of the stadium and then has photographs taken from each section. This gives you the power to show your prospective buyers exactly what the view from their seats will be. I have used this one for about 3 years now. They generate the code, you simply cut and paste into your auctions. Nominal lifetime membership fee.

This is an outstanding service I use for increasing my International sales. It adds a detailed World Map (that you can customize) and includes pinpoints of each country you have sold to, and how many items shipped there.

I had been keeping detailed records since 1/1/2000. From then until February 2007 I had done 27 International Sales. Since then until today (12/29/2007) I have done an additional 138 International sales!!! This is a great service at a fair price. View any of my auctions to see it in action o visit their site. Look for the quote from me on their homepage!!


Web Site Building:

Hostgator is an oustanding site that I use to host all my web sites. You can host UNLIMITED sites here for as low as $9.99 a month. You have many great options such as SQL data bases, email accounts, CGI, and the list goes on. I have built and hosted many little niche stores here.

Godaddy is the king of domain registries. I use this one solely to register all my domain names. One year runs as low as 6.99 for one domain. The more you register, you can get price breaks. They also run specials from time-to-time on .info, .net and .org names.

Build a Niche Store:
Build a niche store is an awesome piece of software that let's you build an affiliate web site around the eBay platform. You pick the "niche" you want to promote. Then build your site around eBay listings for those items. Can list multiple categories, build your own custom pages, and insert your own images, and ads such as Google Adwords. I have used this to create several web sites. The best thing is a one time licensing fee of $97. You can build unlimited sites and get life-time updates for that price. I use in conjunction with GoDaddy and Hostgator to keep my total fees low.


Traffic & Promotion:

ListMyStore is an online eBay Store mall. You can list your store for FREE. You can also pay extra to become a Featured store. The have monthly contests and give away all kinds of things including eBay gift certificates. Free to register.