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Ebay is the largest shopping site on the internet with over 200 million registered users. Learn how to effectively reach these people to get the best prices for your items.

Sell-it4u provides eBay consignment stores and beginning sellers with the tools and knowledge to increase sales and streamline your business.

Selling effectively on eBay requires knowledge of sales and marketing strategies unique to the eBay marketplace. Established credibility and a high number of positive feedbacks is a big advantage. This can be a huge challenge for beginners.

We are a registered eBay Trading Assistant. We have over 10 years of selling experience and 3000+ positive feedbacks. Let us save you time and money by providing you with the tools and information you need to succeed.

Our fee is $50.00 an hour to come to your home or place of business. A minimum of 2 hours is required for effective results.

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